Out of Unit Communications Group comes UnitComms, we're a fresh new way of working, an advertising agency made up from a group of talented advertising and design professionals passionate about our work and confident in giving great value and achieving exceptional results.

We use our creative and strategic planning skills combined with the media buying strength of the UK's largest media buying agency to provide a unique service to our client companies that represents exceptional value.

Our Work
Northwest Advertising agency, Chill Factore, Branding, Chille   Cinderella on Ice   Consumer Reclaim Google ads
The Ultimate Styling Experience!

Chille goes chocolaty this Easter!...

  Cinderella on Ice

Promoting the ‘Russian Ice Stars’ on a 20 theatre tour for Theatre on Ice producers ‘Wild Rose’


Cost per ‘000 is king!

Google Adwords sponsored link for Consumer Reclaim.


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